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Mirna Kandah, COO
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Kandah is a highly experienced sales agent, producer and financier.

Kandah’s love of filmmaking led him to a career in the entertainment business. In 1987, after successfully completing film school, Kandah accepted a staff position at Dexter, Dryer and Lai, a major Hollywood commercial production company. Its founder, Ron Dexter, took Kandah under his wing, exposing him to all aspects of film production.

For the next three years, Kandah worked on many national and international spots, including ones for Cathay Pacific Airlines, Jiffy Lube, Payless Shoes, Buick, and Kraft Foods.

Kandah’s keen interest in feature films landed him at PM Entertainment Group, where he worked as a Production Manager on four features: “Private Wars”, “Fist of Honor”, “No Escape, No Return”, and “To Be The Best”.

In 1993, confident that he could make it on his own as an independent film producer, Kandah found financing for, co-wrote, produced, and co-directed his first action-adventure film feature entitled “L.A. Wars”, which has enjoyed huge success worldwide.

In 1995, Kandah developed and executive-produced, with Cinepix Film Properties and Moonstone Entertainment, the action-adventure feature film, “Mask of Death”, starring Lorenzo Lamas, Billy Dee Williams and Rae Dawn Chong, which world-premiered on HBO. Following the success of “Mask of Death”, Kandah developed another screenplay entitled “New Breed”, which he sold to Cinepix Film Properties.

In 1999, Kandah financed, produced and co-directed the sci-fi, action-adventure feature, “Starforce” starring Michael Bergin (Baywatch) and Amy Weber.

In 2004, Kandah founded Hollywood Wizard, a worldwide motion picture production, financing and sales company. Kandah quickly established himself as a force in the sale of independent films internationally, and built strong relationships with buyers and distributors around the globe.

While leading Hollywood Wizard, Kandah pre-sold, co-financed and executive produced two feature films:

– “Horrors of War” 2006
– “Shira: The Vampire Samurai”. 2005

In 2006 Kandah became the exclusive representative and buyer for two distribution companies, Private Cinema in Greece, and KK Films in India. Within a 3 year period, Kandah helped grow Private Cinema from being a small DVD distributor to becoming a major force in the theatrical arena.

In 2009 Kandah fully financed, presold and produced the action-adventure film “Ballistica”, Hollywood Wizard’s first in-house production starring Paul Logan (“Mega Piranha”, “The Terminators”), Robert Davi (“Die Hard”, “License to Kill”, “The Goonies”), Martin Kove (“The Karate Kid I & II”, “Rambo, First Blood Part II”), Andrew Divoff (“Wishmaster”, “Air Force One”, “Indiana Jones”).

In 2013, Tony launched FlixHouse Global.

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Production manager | PM Entertainment Group

In 1992 Tony accepted a Production Assistant position on the feature film Ring of Fire II, after the the production was completed Tony was promoted to Production Manager, within the following 7 months Tony manged all production aspects for the below 4 feature films.